How old should you be to stand up for the right?

As President Obama recently tweeted: Just 16, @GretaThunberg is already one of our planet’s greatest advocates. Do read her story at this site and watch her latest speech in this YouTube video WANTED: Young, thoughtful, passionate, Indian, Christian medical, nursing and paramedical students and professionals who care enough about the state of healthcare in this […]

Indian medical representatives are giving quacks cash and gifts to sell antibiotics

The headline from this news article screams out about how drug companies give gifts and incentives to ‘quacks’ in order to get them to prescribe antibiotics. These unnecessary antibiotics contribute to the development of ‘superbugs’….bugs that do not respond, any longer, to ANY antibiotics. In the body of the article, reps talk about how they […]

Unwanted Women

(This post was written on Women’s day, 2017, and originally appeared on this blog) On International Women’s Day 2017, I would like to remember the sad story of a woman patient we saw a few months ago. For those who cannot understand the ‘medicalese’ let me annotate the antenatal card in the picture above. This […]