Indian medical representatives are giving quacks cash and gifts to sell antibiotics

The headline from this news article screams out about how drug companies give gifts and incentives to ‘quacks’ in order to get them to prescribe antibiotics. These unnecessary antibiotics contribute to the development of ‘superbugs’….bugs that do not respond, any longer, to ANY antibiotics.

In the body of the article, reps talk about how they give doctors (not just quacks!) gifts, including fridges, TVs, and paid trips to ‘conferences’, in order to get them to prescribe their product.

Why is this practice unethical?

  • Many doctors are therefore prescribing unnecessary medications to patients just to get incentives
  • Poor patients in India are already struggling to buy medicines. Many families are pushed below the poverty line every year, directly because of their medical expenses. Many of these expenses are totally unnecessary but patients are paying for the incentives of the doctors
  • This is very poor stewardship of the resources we have been given.

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